Authors: C-D

  • Caballero, Manuel (born in Barquisimeto, Lara, on 5 December 1931; died in Caracas on 10 December 2010) author, essayist, politician, scholar, and historian, was part of the literary group Tabla Redonda (1961); author of Gómez, el tirano liberal (1992) and La crisis de la Venezuela contemporánea: 1903-1992 (2003), among many other works DGLV 101-102.
  • Cadenas, Rafael (born 8 April 1930 in Barquisimeto, Lara) is a Venezuelan poet, and essayist; he is author of Amante (1983), Dichos (1992), Gestiones (1992), and Obra entera (2000), among other works DGLV 103-104.
  • Centeno, Israel (1958- ), born in Caracas, Venezuela, poet, journalist, and novelist, member of Grupo Eclepsidra, author of El complot (2002) [translated by Guillermo Parra as The Conspiracy (2002)], and Bajo las hojas (2010), among other works.
  • Chirinos, Juan Carlos (1967- ), born in Valera, Venezuela, essayist, novelist and teacher, finalist of the International Juan Rulfo Short Story Contest (2009), author of Gemelas (2013), Nochebosque (2011), and El niño malo cuenta hasta cien y se retira (2004), among other works.